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In some cases, you will not have time to earn coins. Additionally, you may also need to get likes and follows fast. For that purpose we added the purchase coins function. Our affordable prices enable you to purchase coins and use them to get followers and likes. Try any of the coin packages and you’ll quickly realize that we are one of the most affordable Instagram auto followers app & Instagram auto likes app

Free Instagram Likes

You can also use the coins to get likes to your posts. Simply copy the link to the post, set the likes limit, and see likes coming in for your post.!

Free Instagram Followers

Earn coins by following other people. When you earn a certain amount of coins you can post your profile (or the profile of your brand) and you will get follows for the number of coins you have.!.

Daily Bonuses

Get daily bonuses and gifts. Do a variety of activities to earn more coins such and get exclusive daily.